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Simple Charity Registration and GuideStar Partnering to Make Transparency and Compliance Easy for Nonprofits

Simple Charity Registration, an online form-fill tool that eases the process of state charitable solicitation registration, is pleased to announce its new partnership with the venerable nonprofit information center, GuideStar.

GuideStar provides accessible, easy to understand information on all of the nation’s’ 1.8 million charities that are registered with the IRS in order to promote accountability and transparency as a service to nonprofit organizations, funders, and the general public.  To further their impact, GuideStar created GuideStar Exchange, which allows charities to make greater levels of their information publicly available, such as governance, program, and impact.

GuideStar is partnering with Simple Charity Registration to provide a simple, affordable process for charities managing their state registration, making state compliance easy as well.

GuideStar members can go to Simple Charity Registration today and receive a 15% discount. Additionally, GuideStar Exchange Bronze, Silver and Gold members can save even more, up to 30% by visiting their GuideStar Exchange dashboard. Plus, your first state is free. You can create a free, no obligation account. You will not be billed until you print forms.

Gone are the days of piles of manila folders cluttering your desk, juggling deadlines and extension letters because you owe states your 990 but your 990 isn’t due for a couple more months, and trying to figure out the arcane charity registration rules of 40 different states. Simple Charity Registration helps users determine in which states they need to register, asks the right questions, fills out the appropriate forms, and provides simple filing instructions. The innovative tool also keeps you on track with helpful email deadline reminders and saves your information year-to-year making next year a breeze. can save you hundreds of hours of needless research and paperwork, and thousands of dollars, either in staff time or by hiring an outside firm (which still require significant time), and keep the process simple and manageable.

And now, GuideStar members get to use it at a discount.

Sign up for our free webinar Thursday, May 14th at 3pm Eastern.

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Don’t See Your Form? Troubleshooting Your Simple Charity Registration Account

Despite all our best efforts at Simple Charity Registration, sometimes users can’t find their forms, or they get stuck on a certain field, or have other questions about using the site.

Here are some trouble shooting tips to help:

For everyone

  • Your answers to the State Checklist and State Registration Groups pages on the left navigation bar drive the logic of what states and forms you see.
    • You must answer all the questions relevant to your state on those two pages.
  • The page links on the left navigation bar give you the questions you need to prepopulate the appropriate forms.
  • The forms end up as pre-populated .pdf’s.

Don’t see your form

  • Check that both questions of the State Checklist page and all the questions for your state are answered on the State Registration Groups page.
  • Scroll down the site to look for your state below the Banks page.
  • If it’s still not there, you may need to trigger it:
    1. Go back to the State Checklist page
    2. Click ‘No’ on the 1st question for the state about whether you solicit there
    3. Save
    4. Click ‘Yes’ on the 1st question for the state about whether you solicit there
    5. Save
    6. Scroll down the site to look for your state below the Banks page

Stuck on a field?

  • Make sure your answer:
    • has formatting as specified (e.g., mm/dd/yyyy or phone number, etc.) or
    • is not over the maximum number of characters.
  • Be sure to hit “Save” when stopping, or “Continue” if page is completed.

Why does a page have/not have a checkmark?

  • A checkmark appears when you hit “Continue” when you complete a page.
    • Note: Hitting “Continue” will take you to the next unchecked page.
  • There is no checkmark when you hit “Save” and leave a page.

How do I find out what to do?

  • For a quick overview, see our How It Works page.
  • More detailed instructions are on the Welcome page of your account.
  • The Form Preview and Print page on your account gives you information on forms.

Question not answered?

  • Email us at
  • Or call: 800-780-6027
  • Check out our FAQ page:

We’ll be glad to help you.