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June Newsletter – Nonprofit Renewal Deadlines, Audits, & Upcoming Webinar

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June 30th State Charity Registration Deadlines

Did you know that not only do you need to file an extension with the IRS you need to also file for an extension of time to file with the Secretary of State or the Attorney General’s office for your Charity Registration Renewal or Annual Financial forms?

Eight states have due dates that are 6 months after the fiscal year end so for 67% of our customers they should be preparing to send their state renewals or preparing extensions for Kansas, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico and Tennessee.  

Alaska, North Dakota, and Wisconsin are not far behind with due dates beginning September 1st. If you are waiting for your financials to be ready, sign into your account today to print and send in your extension forms if not file your renewal packages today!!

Other states to be aware of are DC, FL, GA, NV, OK, RI, UT and WV which use the organization’s registration anniversary date as the renewal due date which is dependent on your previous registration.  Those dates can be found on your last registration approval letter from the state or the state’s website.


Did you know that 22 states have audit requirements??  Audit requirements begin at 200K for some state registrations and renewals while most average around 500K for an independent audit.  Total revenue is the trigger for most audits while contributions are the basis for other states and about half have some type of exclusion for government agency fees & grants as well as some “other types” of income.  Read the Blog


If you would like to get to know us better or need a refresher join our webinar on July 6, 2017 at 2:00 EST.  Please register at  Simple Charity Registration – annual state charity registration made easy!

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How to File the Form 990 Extension – Form 8868

May 15th is fast upon us and with that we get a lot of calls asking us how to file an extension for the 990 series of informational returns from our website. Unfortunately we do not offer that service at this time but here is some information that will hopefully get your organization through the process.

File by Mail

Download and fill in the Form 8868: Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File an Exempt Organization Return from the IRS website and mail it to:

Department of the Treasury
Internal Revenue Service Center
Ogden, UT 84201-0045

File Electronically (Preferred)

You can have your accountant file the form for your organization electronically through their software package.


You can choose one of the IRS Exempt Organizations Modernized e-File Providers

Typically the e-File websites are quite straight forward and only ask you a few questions about your organization and contact information.  Also, most are free or at a low cost to your organization depending on your revenue.

Once you have secured your organizations extension approval for the Form 990 then you can come back to our website and preview the state specific instructions for the charity registration renewal or annual update forms.   Most states do require you to individually file an extension of time request with their state charity office if your organization will also require more time to file your renewals/updates with them.

Here is a link to our previous blog: State Charity Renewal Due Dates

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New Form 8868 for 2017 – 6 Month Automatic Extension of Time to File

990 Filing Due Dates
Tax Year Fiscal Year End Date 990/990EZ/990N 6-month Extension *
2016 12/31/2016 5/16/2017 11/15/2017
2016 1/31/2017 6/15/2017 12/15/2017
2016 2/28/2017 7/17/2017 1/16/2017
2016 3/31/2017 8/15/2017 2/15/2017
2016 4/30/2017 9/15/2017 3/15/2017
2016 5/31/2017 10/16/2017 4/16/2018
2016 6/30/2017 11/15/2017 5/15/2018
2016 7/31/2017 12/15/2017 6/15/2018
2016 8/31/2017 1/16/2018 7/16/2018
2016 9/30/2017 2/15/2018 8/15/2018
2016 10/31/2017 3/15/2018 9/16/2018
2016 11/30/2017 4/16/2018 10/17/2018
* Extension can be filed on line through an IRS Authorized e-File Provider, or by fax or mail.
See the IRS e-file for Charities and Non-Profits page for more details.

State Charity Renewal Due Dates

 State Charity Registration Renewal Due Dates

State Renewal Due Date Renewal Due Date with Automatic Extension
Alabama 90 days after FYE
Alaska September 1st
Arizona *
Arkansas May 15th
California 4 1/2 months after FYE
Colorado 4 1/2 months after FYE 7 1/2 months after FYE w/auto 3 month extension
Connecticut 11 months after FYE
Delaware *
District of Columbia 2 years from the anniversary date
Florida Anniversary date
Georgia 24 months from the effective date
Hawaii 4 1/2 months after FYE
Idaho *
Illinois 6 months after FYE
Indiana *
Iowa *
Kansas 6 months after FYE
Kentucky 4 1/2 months after FYE 10 1/2 months after FYE w/auto 6 month extension
Louisiana October 1st
Maine November 30th
Maryland 6 months after FYE
Massachusetts 4 1/2 months after FYE
Michigan 6 months after FYE
Minnesota 6 1/2 months after FYE
Mississippi 4 1/2 months after FYE
Missouri 75 days after FYE
Montana  *
Nebraska  *
Nevada Last day of the anniversary month of incorporation or foreign corporate qualification
New Hampshire 4 1/2 months after FYE
New Jersey 6 months after FYE
New Mexico 6 months after FYE
New York 4 1/2 months after FYE 10 1/2 months after FYE w/auto 6 month extension
North Carolina 4 1/2 months after FYE 6 1/2 months after FYE w/auto 60 day extension
North Dakota September 1st
Ohio 4 1/2 months after FYE
Oklahoma Anniversary date
Oregon 4 1/2 months after FYE
Pennsylvania 4 1/2 months after FYE 10 1/2 months after FYE w/auto 6 month extension
Rhode Island 30 days prior to registration expiration
South Carolina 4 1/2 months after FYE
South Dakota *
Tennessee 6 months after FYE
Texas *
Utah January 1st, April 1st, July 1st or October 1st following the end of 12 months after the anniversary date.
Vermont  *
Virginia 4 1/2 months after FYE
Washington 4 1/2 months after FYE 11 months after FYE w/auto 6 1/2 month extension
West Virginia Anniversary date
Wisconsin Registration – July  31st
Wisconsin Financial – 12 months after FYE
Wyoming *
* States that do not have charitable registration requirements as of 9/1/2016.

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Non-profit Charity Registration Renewal and Annual Reporting

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One thing our customers ask is “What is the Difference Between Registration Renewal and Annual Reporting?”

There are many terms that are used seemingly interchangeably, but do have different meanings. Two of these terms are ‘Registration Renewal’ and ‘Annual Reporting’. What they have in common is that both have to do with maintaining a charitable organization’s solicitation filing with a particular state in the years following initial registration. What they mean for the amount of filing can be very different.

Almost every state that requires charitable solicitation registration requires some type of annual reporting. Essentially, this reporting is thought of in two elements: the updating, or renewal, of the information contained in solicitation registration and yearly financial reporting, or annual report. The distinction becomes important for organizations that file in more than one state because they have to organize which state is expecting what forms and when.

While most states require both types of submission, some, like Illinois, require only annual financial reporting with no registration renewal. Others can make a more complicated distinction, which often involves whether or not they offer deadline extensions. Since accurate financial documentation is subject to when an organization files with the IRS, some states will offer extensions on the annual report, while marking firm deadlines for the registration renewal. Maryland’s renewal due date is six months from the charity’s fiscal year end, but they allow extensions on annual reporting that coincide with the extensions offered on the 990 by the IRS.

Still yet, Tennessee and others make it a bit easier and offer extensions on the filing of both elements. It is important for non-profit organizations to understand the requirements of the individual states’ charitable solicitation processes. This is particularly true for nonprofits required to file in multiple states. Resources such as Simple Charity Registration can help your organization manage deadlines, access state requirements, and streamline the process. Sign in and get started today!!

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Need More Time?? File an Extension – IRS Form 8868

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Many people do not know the difference between the First and Second IRS Form 8868 Extensions for Nonprofit Organizations. Today, we will explain them.

First Extension Request

The first extension request for the IRS Form 990, 990-EZ or the 990-PF is granted “automatically.” This means you don’t have to give a reason for needing the extension nor will it require a signature. If the Form 8868 Application for Extension of Time to File an Exempt Organization Return is completed properly and filed on time, which would be May 15th for the calendar year filer, the extension will automatically be granted and your Form 990 due date will automatically be extended to August 15th. This extension request, in many cases, can be forwarded along with the state charity registration extension requirements to the proper state charity registration office for an extension of time in submitting your renewal or annual financial requirements.

Second Extension Request

The second 3-month extension request is not “automatic” and your organization may only request a second 3- month extension if the first extension was properly filed and accepted by filing the Form 8868. When requesting an additional three month extension a detailed explanation is required and it must be signed by an authority. Also, your organization should file it well before the extended due date in the case your request for the extension of time is rejected by the IRS. If approved, the second extension will then be November 15th. No further extensions are allowed and if either of these dates falls on a weekend or federal holiday the due date will become the following day.

Sign in or create an account with to see if any of these extensions apply to the state where your organization’s charity registration is due.

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Ongoing Charity Registration Requirements

You may already know that your charity or nonprofit has to register in any state where you’ll be seeking donations. For those groups who use social media to raise funds, this can mean meeting the requirements of almost forty states before you ever embark on a fundraising project. While that is certainly a paperwork nightmare, what you may not know is that registering once simply isn’t good enough. In most cases, there are ongoing registration requirements with which you must comply.

Once and Done?

Filling out the paperwork to register your charity is a nightmare. Just deciding whether you’re required to register and which states you should register in is rough enough. After you’re done, though, you’re not truly done. Instead, you have to look at renewal guidelines on a state by state basis. While most states and the District of Columbia require you to renew your registration on an annual basis, not all of them do. Some of them —  Arizona, Delaware, Iowa, Idaho, Indiana, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont, and Wyoming — don’t require registration at all. Some of them require renewal separately from annual financial reporting. Learning exactly what to expect can be difficult.

Is Renewal Hard?

Some states have managed to streamline the process a bit so that you can renew without a hassle using much of the same information you submitted initially. Unfortunately, like every other aspect of charity registration, that’s not always the case. There are states that require you to complete the same level of paperwork you did the first time during the course of renewal.

Is There an Easier Way?

Absolutely!! We can help!! Whether you’re registering the first time or trying to get your organization renewed to meet ongoing requirements, we make it easier than ever to make sure your group is complying with the standards in all applicable states, which is a must if you plan to raise funds in more than one state. To learn more, get started now.

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YMore of our tutorials can also be seen on our YouTube channel: 

Alaska Charitable Organization Annual Registration Form – Update

Alaska has updated its state charitable organization registration and renewal forms as well as the paid solicitor annual registration form as of 4/1/2016.  Also, they will not be accepting the Unified Registration Statement for charitable organization registrations any longer.

These changes do not effect exempt organizations that are covered under the Alaska Department of Law as they are not required to register:

  • Religious Exemption: Churches or religious organizations that are not required to file federal annual information returns with the IRS.
  • Political Exemption: Candidates for national, state, or local office, and political parties, committees or groups that are required to file financial information with the Alaska Public Offices Commission under AS 15.13 or with the Federal Election Commission under the Federal Election Campaign Act.
  • Revenue Exemption: Charitable organizations with no paid employees or board members that do not intend to raise or receive contributions, excluding government grants, in excess of $5,000 annually, or that do not intend to receive contributions from more than 10 persons annually.
  • Gaming Exemption: An organization that has a current gaming permit issued by the Alaska Department of Revenue pursuant to AS 05.15.100.

Sign into your account to get the new charity registration forms!!  If you don’t have an account sign up to get started, your first state is free!!

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Calendar Year Nonprofit Filers – No Time to Spare!!

Can you believe that it’s almost May 16th?  The financial reporting due date falling on the weekend might have bought you an extra day but it still means that for calendar year organizations their IRS 990, 990-EZ, or 990-N forms are due today!!  If that wasn’t “taxing” enough it also means that for many non-profit organizations that their state charitable solicitation renewals and financial reports are also due today.  Not to worry we have been preparing all year for you!!

Twelve states require calendar year filers to submit their state charity registration renewals or annual financial reports 4.5 months after their fiscal year end which is normally on May 15th.  Although some states do offer some relief, it comes in the form of extensions of time but the requirements vary for each state.  Some only offer extensions online through their own portals like Colorado, Hawaii and Ohio while others like California and New York just require that you send the IRS 8868 Extension Form with your renewal once it is complete. While still others require that you fax, mail or e-mail a form or letter to their offices some with and some without the IRS 8868 Extension Form.

Calendar Year Files State Charity Form Due Dates 4.5 months after FYE
State Filing Type State Extension Allowance Where to get help?
California Registration Renewal up to two – 3 month extensions Instructions on
Colorado Registration Renewal up to two – 3 month extensions Colorado Online Portal
Hawaii Annual Financial Report up to two – 3 month extensions Hawaii Online Portal
Kentucky Registration Renewal automatic 6 month extension Letter & Instructions on
Massachusetts Registration Renewal up to two – 6 month extensions Letter & Instructions on
New Hampshire Annual Financial Report 6 month extension Form & Instructions on
New York Annual Financial Report automatic 180 day extension Instructions on
North Carolina Registration Renewal automatic 60 day extension Letter & Instructions on
Ohio Registration Renewal up to two – 6 month extensions Ohio Online Portal
Oregon Annual Financial Report up to 180 day extension Letter & Instructions on
South Carolina Registration Renewal up to two – 3 month extensions Letter & Instructions on
Virginia Registration Renewal up to two – 3 month extensions Form & Instructions on


Here are some of the ways we’ve been preparing:

  1. We’ve created a website called com where you can store, update and access all your organizations state charity registration information year after year. All the forms, copies of letters and instructions can be found all in one place!!  Your own Simple Charity Registration account!!

Once you have created an account we can help you file extensions in the states where you might need a little more time. Then again if you think you are ready you can print and file your renewal registrations or annual financial forms right away!!

  1. We’ve also created blog posts to help you prepare for registration from our own insights or from places with helpful information like:

How Do I Register if My Financials Aren’t Ready?

State Charity Registration Renewals and Annual Financials: Do You Need an Extension?

The Elephant in the Room: Preparing for Your State Charity Registrations (Part I & 2)

  1. Lastly we have created a special registration package for you organization!! During the month of May we are offering the NOLO’s Nonprofit Fundraising Registration: The 50-State Digital Guide  free to anyone who purchases our “All States” package. The one-year subscription to the digital guide is a $125 value. This state-by-state reference guide was prepared by our partners at NCR and gives guidance on such issues as strategies to reduce your registration requirements, the IRS role, and internet fundraising rules.

Now your ready for this!!  Our team is available to answer any questions you have about using or getting started call us at 800.780.6027 or e-mail us at




How do I Register or Renew my Nonprofits Organization’s State Charity Solicitation Forms if Our Financials Aren’t Ready?

If your organization is like most nonprofits, you are anxiously waiting to see whether you will have your IRS reporting ready on time or if you will be filing an extension from the IRS. This also means you are paying attention to all the different state charity registration deadlines to figure out how to get them done on time.

Here are a few things that you check on and update to avoid last-minute registration headaches:

  1. Lists of directors, officers, executives — did you have changes to personnel, title, salary, benefits, roles? Are all the state-specific questions answered? Remember, different parts of your organization may need to be involved in compiling info.
  2. Lists and registration of professional fundraisers — many states want you to document changes to fundraisers, compensation, states solicited in, the fundraisers’ registration, etc. You may need to confirm these things with the fundraisers.
  3. Organizational information such as changes to address, branches, tax exempt status, etc.
  4. Deadlines  — keep track of when renewals are due to the various states.
  5. Anticipate extension needs/get extensions in, including extensions for your IRS filings.
  6. Related party/related organization info — find out if you have any new or amended relationships since you last filed in a state.
  7. Legal questions — you may need to poll your employees, directors, etc. for their personal answers to the many state-specific legal questions.

Simple Charity Registration can help you with all of that and help you to prepare extension requests and forms before your financials are done so that you are armed and ready once you have them.

With this information set to go, you will cut down on the time and more importantly, stress to be in compliance this year.