Simple Charity Registration – Navigating the Site

Welcome to!!  In this video we are going to give you a tour of our website.

Across the Top You Will Find

The “Home” page tab will always return you back to the “Login Page”

The “Contact Us” tab is where you will find the contact information for the support group at

The “Blog” tab is where you will find industry news, helpful information from state authorities, and miscellaneous articles essential to state registration.  You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and our YouTube channel.

The “Login” tab is where you can login to another account or get back to where you left off in your account.

The Blue Ribbon Contains

The “Blue Ribbon” tabs are primarily for company specific information. There are 6 tabs that you can browse at your leisure but not used in processing forms.

How It Works, Get Started, About Us, FAQ, Our Guarantee, State Requirements

Left Side Navigation Bar

The left side navigation bar is where all the action happens.

Fiscal Year

The “Fiscal Year” is the first item you will see on the left side navigation bar.  This is where you choose which fiscal year you would like to file forms for.  A new organization or one just getting started will most likely choose 2015 as their starting point whereas an organization that has been soliciting in the past may want to start in 2014.

Account Information

In the “Account Information” section you will see the “My Account” tab that is where you will find your invoices for the states you have purchased, you’re billing information and your password reset option.

The “Welcome” tab is where you will find all your instructions and helpful videos like this one.

The “Form Preview & Print” tab is where you will find information on printing your forms and saving your organizations pdf’s.

Compliance Wizard

In the “Compliance Wizard you will find the “State Checklist” and the “State Registration Groups”.

State Checklist Page

The “State Checklist” page is where you want to start the process.  It is here where you can choose to view the “Exemption Groups” for each state with one question.  We call this the “Super Exemption Question”.  There are some examples of the major exemption categories here.  If you know you are not exempt you just check “No” and you will not be asked any further questions about exemptions.  If you think you may be exempt check “Yes” and the exemption question groups will populate on the next page.

Here you will also choose which states you would like to register in or have previously registered in.  After you have answered the questions on this page that apply to your organization you will hit “Continue” which will start populating the forms that are required for registration or renewal on the left hand navigation bar in the “State Specific” groups.  The website will then take you to the next page which is the “State Registration Groups” page.

You will also notice on this page and throughout this site that each questions page has 3 buttons on the top and bottom of the page:  Save, Continue and Skip.  Please use the “Save” button often to save your work.  The “Continue” button will save your work and take you to the next unchecked page.

State Registration Groups

The “State Registration Groups” page is next.  Here you will enter information about your fiscal year, prior registration dates and a handful of questions which will finish the form population process.

The fiscal year is asked on most forms and some renewal dates are based on this date.

The “State Specific Groups” are primarily for your organization to have all your deadline information in one place.  You can see renewal dates here and if an extension is available in a particular state.  You will also add here any state registration numbers and answer a few state specific questions.  The renewal dates are based on either your registration date or fiscal year end date.  We will be sending you renewal reminders based on these dates.

Exemption Groups (if applicable)

The exemption groups will appear after the state specific registration groups based on your answer to the “Super Exemption” question on the prior page.  These exemption questions vary widely in number and type state by state.

Basic Information

On the “Basic Information” tab is the most general questions that will be essential for any form you wish to complete such as addresses and contact information.


You will find the steps to file extensions in the “Extension Information” tab.  If you are intending to renew your organizations registration but do not have your paperwork ready in time for the deadline, you can look in the State Specific groups to see if one is offered by that state.  You can then check that you would like to file an extension and the form will form will populate under this tab.

You may also want to look at the “Important Tips” of navigating the website on the “Welcome Page”.

As always please contact us with any comments, questions or concerns at (800)780-6027 or

More of our tutorials can also be seen on our YouTube channel: