Welcome to Simple Charity Registration – State Registration Video

Welcome to Simple Charity Registration, a do-it-yourself, form-fill software developed by nonprofit and IT professionals to make it easy and affordable for charities to comply with state charitable solicitation registrations.

If you’re watching this, you likely know that most states require that charities register with them in order to be able to solicit funds in their state. This requires initial and annual filings that have different deadlines and requirements. Those who have been through this process know it can be long and arduous.

Our mission is to bring affordable automation of the state charity registration process to all US nonprofits so that they can refocus human and financial resources on accomplishing their missions.

What can Simple Charity Registration do for your organization?

We can save you hundreds of hours of work through 4 steps which streamlines the individual state process by answering core questions that are asked on every application and a handful of state specific questions all the while auto populating all the forms for you.

Simply 4 Steps

First our Compliance Wizard will help you determine which states that your organization is required to register in and where your may be exempt from registration.  Here you will also learn about categories of nonprofits which are exempt from the registration process. Also, during this step the system will begin to populate the necessary forms and the state specific question groups.

Next, you will begin the questionnaire process which includes questions about your organization, its people and some of the people you do business with.

You continue the process by filling in any state specifics and some financial questions from your own Form 990.

Lastly you print and review your organizations forms and attachments, sign and send them to the state.

The end product is auto-filled forms with the required addenda and a checklist of instructions with information on required signatures, attachments and fees, and how to file. We also include any additional information of note on the registration procedures for that state.

Simple Reminders

Another benefit of our software is you will receive email reminders 30 and 7 days prior to the upcoming state specific deadlines hopefully saving you from any nasty late fees and keeping you compliant.

Simple Resources

Along with the state forms we provide updated instructions and state resources pages with links to regulations and contact information.  We also offer an informative blog with industry news, information on upcoming conferences & webinars and anything else that we think you might find helpful to your organizations mission.

Simple Next Year

Finally, we make it even easier next year so that you only thing that you will need to do is review the prior year’s information, make necessary changes to your data, print and file.

We’ve been in your position with the confusion and frustration of filing state charitable solicitation registrations. So here is our answer to help your nonprofit remain transparent and in compliance so that you can continue your valuable work.

Simple Right?

Let’s Get Started!! Your first state is free and after that, you can choose to pay as you go with the individual state form packages for $50 each or purchase the “All States Package” for $900 which includes the forms for all 39 states. Both packages do contain the forms necessary for each individual state including forms for extensions, exemptions, registrations, renewals, annual filings and in some cases financial statements.

Head on over to the “Get Started” tab, create an account and either poke around or check out our Basics Video where we give you valuable information to help you navigate the software!!

Please contact us with any comments, questions or concerns at (800)780-6027 or support@SimpleCharityRegstration.com.

More of our tutorials can also be seen on our YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/2a1t5YJ