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State Requirements

40 states and the District of Columbia require that 501(c)(3) charitable organizations operating in the state to register with their charity offices. They want to know who is soliciting money from their residents. Reasonable? Yes.

However, registering is a paperwork and organizational nightmare for the charities. States can have different forms requiring different blocks of information and supplemental forms and require separate financial filing. Forms are often due before federal tax filing is done, requiring the charity to file extension requests. To top it off, there is no conformity to due dates.

A charity trying to remain in compliance has a lot of dates, information, and paperwork to manage and put together all year long.

Simple Charity Registration saves up to 100 hours of work organizing

A charity with an online presence and a Donate Now button must register in all the states from which it receives regular or large donations or follows-up contact with donors . A charity must file in any state in which it sends mailings or makes calls. That means keeping track of all the forms the state requires, including the variety of supplemental information; remembering the due dates for both the registration (or renewal) and the financial forms; filing on time; and remaining updated on the forms and addresses and fees.

It’s a constant juggling of trying to understand whether a charity needs to register in a state, what is required, when it is required, and whether the charity can even have that information available at the time it is due because federal forms are not yet done.

SCR is all about making it easy to understand:

  • Do I need to register?
  • What is required?
  • When is it due?

It makes the filling out the forms simple, reminds of due dates, provides the necessary addresses, helps complete extension requests, provides a checklist for each state’s filing package, and maintains the information for next year.

You complete the questionnaire and SCR will automatically fill your answers into the state forms which you print out along with our checklist to prepare each state’s package. Your information will be saved for the following year, saving you even more time then.

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